world war z

it is about this zombie movie and when it because really dangerous and all of that this kids mom and dad go and try to find something and then when the zombies are all over the world they don’t know what to do at first and then when they go back to the zombie place the zombies go crazy over the noise these people make over the intercom and when it gets too loud the zombies will go for the noise and then people die and then turn and then this one kid just stade in one place and then the zombies just ran by him and then that is what they are trying to get know because they think that is how you can save the world is by getting this thing and then a lot of people try to kill zombies and that is all if you have something to say make sure u comment on it below


ok so you should now that zombies are not a good thing so if zombies were real what would you guys do you know what I would do I would find guns and supplies and food and water but if zombies were real how would you guys live and all of that so what would you do if zombies were real and all of that so if you guys know what to do so comment below what would you do if zombies where real

what went well in this class

what went well in this class is that we got blogs and that is one of the things. and yes i do like the blogs and i wish that we could do them in high school because the blogs are fun to do and i like the blogs and i hope that we do them in high school to because i like the blogs they are fun to do and when you do something fun you can type them on the blogs. and when the blogs are done with i am going to be sad because i really like the blogs and i want to keep my blog because i like talking about video games i have talked about some of them but i have not did not talk about how to do cheats but i will get to them in a little bit or sometime but till then i will let you now what games i like and when you now any games please tell me what game you like to play but when you play games how good are you because i am good at games and i like the blogs because they are really good because people can see and read your stories because i like to talk about games and other games sometime if i can i will talk about my friends but i do not tell them there names because i do not know who you are or you might try to go and find them but i will tell them about my friends but when i do i will tell you what they do but i am not telling you were they live and what school they go to i am not doing that because you might go and try to take them so i am not telling there names. i do not have nothing to change because i like the stuff we do because it is fun and when we get everything done we get to play games and then and some people play that is what my school plays all the time so when you play this game it is fun because you can shot people and it is a video game and i like playing games but i do not want to change anything because i like what we do in typing class and we play games after we do our stuff.


well tremors is a game and i like the movie i like the game to it is good but it get hard after some level and when you kill anything you can upgrade your gun to a lot more powerful gun and it can kill anything with 1 shot and when you are going to the houses they can bust right in because this monsters are under the ground they are under the ground i like the part of the movie were Earl Bassett is in the truck sleeping and Keven get up on the truck and movies it up and down and then he says stand peed Earl get out of the way get out of the way and then Earl gets scared and when in the game he cant do that but he does go and fix the fence and and then Keven does clime and get old fred because he died and when the monsters on the game the monsters he is in a truck and when the graboid get him there is no way out because the monster in strong and when the game starts you go and find one weapon  and then you use that and then you can upgrade it

world of tanks

this game is on a ps4  and it is fun to play good it is about is were you are shooting people in tanks and then you go around and kill them before thay  kill you first and make sure that you don’t kill your self because if you shoot and tank from a gas station it will kill you because how powerful the gas tank is  when you hit them they will kill you because the tank is really powerful it will kill you because it is really heavy and all of that and you can go into houses and all of that and other places and then when you go to the house you can shoot from in there and when you kill them you get a point so when you go to the shop you can buy some parts for your tank and when you upgrade your tank all the way the tank it more powerful and all of that so if you can get the strongest tank on that you can win and you will not lose because some of the cannons are powerful and when you get the tank that has the most power it will take out every tank in its path and the you can win because the tank has the most things on it you can win and you can play as the person that goes and gets in the tank and throws a gernade in  it

would war z

would war z is a game it is a zombie game is were you have to stay alive have you seen the movie it is almost just like that but the zombies are kinda of hard to kill because they pop out at  anytime but you can get in the plane’s and fly them because people are trying to help you so you can get in the plane and if you watch the movie the people in the plane comes and helps you off of the roof and that is what the people in the game are doing they are coming to come to save you because they are apart of your team and they now who you are because he worked with them before the zombies came and took everything and then the people were trying to stay alive because of the zombies but the way you can live if that you need guns and ammo because there are going to be a lot of zombies they are the same zombies as the movie i really like the move have you guys seen the movie i love the movie because it is about zombies if you watch the walking dead it tells you how to stay alive because you have to find people that will not kill you and when you watch would war z it is about the same but they are in a aircraft on the water because zombies can not swim and then the person that plays in the movie he goes back out there and try to get a doctor because she need to be saved if she dies there won’t be a thing that will keep you safe you can go out there with the zombies and not get them to bit you because you have something that they can not smell they can only smell the thing that is in your body that can make them bite you so if you watched or played the game then you guys will like the movie and the game i hope you watch and the the game and the movie world war z and then when you get the doctor and get back to your team you will pass the game because you did what you were going to do and if you pass it you can do more thing like you can save more people.

my dream vacation

my dream vacation is to go around the world because do you now how fun it is to take a tripe it is fun because there are thing out there that you can look at and it is fun because you can fly in a airplane across the world because you can see the clouds and it is fun look out and looking at the clouds and i want to fly in a plane is because i have never got to be in a plane because i am to scared to get on one because you do not what will happen to the plane and i would bring a bunch of games because playing games are fun and i will bring my play station with me anywhere because i like playing games if you guys like game comment below and tell me what you play and what system you go to play it i got a play station 3 i play call of duty on zombies because playing zombies are good to play it teaches you what to do when the real zombies come and then you now what to do so when it does happen i can tell you i will live because i now how to take out a zombie and like millions of zombies around because i play zombies and i watch the walking dead the movie is what tells you how to live

home alone

home alone is a good and funny movie because it is about 2 people that try to brake into Kevin’s house and then he puts thing all over to try to stop the people that try to brake in because they are trying to still every thing because they are bad people and when they try to still things Kevin makes traps and then it is funny when they get hurt and it is funny when Kevin takes a gun and shoots them and it is not a real one or a pelt gun but i like it when Kevin shoot one of the guys in the face and that is the part i like about home alone have u guys seen home alone 2  it is funny when Kevin puts nails no the steps and the person that always get hurt he is the funny one that gets hurt all the time he gets hurt all the time i like it when Kevin throws bricks at him and then he get hurt and he has a big mark on his face and when the brick hits him he passes out in till the other person wakes him up and that is the end

dead island Christmas

it is a game that is a zombie game but when it is Christmas everything is put up as Christmas even the zombies have Christmas shirts and all of that but when the zombies come u can see them because they have a bright light on them so when you kill them they will go boom boom but when they come behind u they scare you really bad i got scared the first time i played because they come up really quiet and when they are in front you can see them and then when you kill them the lights will not work because they are dead and that is it and when the zombies come up to your team mates they kill them really really fast because there are lots of people on your team. and when you go in the truck some of the people come into the truck they can come up and then when u get in the truck there are Christmas stuff on it and that is it

call of duty

when i get home today i am going to get on my play station and i am going to play call of duty and i am going to try to beat my school that is 36 and i cant because it is to hard and when me and my uncle played call of duty up at his house we got on level 30 because it is fun when me and my uncle play it because we get higher and all of that and then when we die we will have to give it to the other kids like my brother and jerret and then they will die on the level 20 because my brother like to mess around and then it will be me and my uncles turn and then we got on level 40 and then we had to go home and i play it because i am trying to pass my level on sea town and when you get on level 30 it gets hard to do and then it gets easy to die because you run out of ammo because the people are hard to kill and when i die i will try it over and over in till i pass the level and then i passed it to level 38 i think and that is all for today