would war z

would war z is a game it is a zombie game is were you have to stay alive have you seen the movie it is almost just like that but the zombies are kinda of hard to kill because they pop out at  anytime but you can get in the plane’s and fly them because people are trying to help you so you can get in the plane and if you watch the movie the people in the plane comes and helps you off of the roof and that is what the people in the game are doing they are coming to come to save you because they are apart of your team and they now who you are because he worked with them before the zombies came and took everything and then the people were trying to stay alive because of the zombies but the way you can live if that you need guns and ammo because there are going to be a lot of zombies they are the same zombies as the movie i really like the move have you guys seen the movie i love the movie because it is about zombies if you watch the walking dead it tells you how to stay alive because you have to find people that will not kill you and when you watch would war z it is about the same but they are in a aircraft on the water because zombies can not swim and then the person that plays in the movie he goes back out there and try to get a doctor because she need to be saved if she dies there won’t be a thing that will keep you safe you can go out there with the zombies and not get them to bit you because you have something that they can not smell they can only smell the thing that is in your body that can make them bite you so if you watched or played the game then you guys will like the movie and the game i hope you watch and the the game and the movie world war z and then when you get the doctor and get back to your team you will pass the game because you did what you were going to do and if you pass it you can do more thing like you can save more people.


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