my dream vacation

my dream vacation is to go around the world because do you now how fun it is to take a tripe it is fun because there are thing out there that you can look at and it is fun because you can fly in a airplane across the world because you can see the clouds and it is fun look out and looking at the clouds and i want to fly in a plane is because i have never got to be in a plane because i am to scared to get on one because you do not what will happen to the plane and i would bring a bunch of games because playing games are fun and i will bring my play station with me anywhere because i like playing games if you guys like game comment below and tell me what you play and what system you go to play it i got a play station 3 i play call of duty on zombies because playing zombies are good to play it teaches you what to do when the real zombies come and then you now what to do so when it does happen i can tell you i will live because i now how to take out a zombie and like millions of zombies around because i play zombies and i watch the walking dead the movie is what tells you how to live


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