what went well in this class

what went well in this class is that we got blogs and that is one of the things. and yes i do like the blogs and i wish that we could do them in high school because the blogs are fun to do and i like the blogs and i hope that we do them in high school to because i like the blogs they are fun to do and when you do something fun you can type them on the blogs. and when the blogs are done with i am going to be sad because i really like the blogs and i want to keep my blog because i like talking about video games i have talked about some of them but i have not did not talk about how to do cheats but i will get to them in a little bit or sometime but till then i will let you now what games i like and when you now any games please tell me what game you like to play but when you play games how good are you because i am good at games and i like the blogs because they are really good because people can see and read your stories because i like to talk about games and other games sometime if i can i will talk about my friends but i do not tell them there names because i do not know who you are or you might try to go and find them but i will tell them about my friends but when i do i will tell you what they do but i am not telling you were they live and what school they go to i am not doing that because you might go and try to take them so i am not telling there names. i do not have nothing to change because i like the stuff we do because it is fun and when we get everything done we get to play games and then and some people play surviv.io that is what my school plays all the time so when you play this game it is fun because you can shot people and it is a video game and i like playing games but i do not want to change anything because i like what we do in typing class and we play games after we do our stuff.


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