well tremors is a game and i like the movie i like the game to it is good but it get hard after some level and when you kill anything you can upgrade your gun to a lot more powerful gun and it can kill anything with 1 shot and when you are going to the houses they can bust right in because this monsters are under the ground they are under the ground i like the part of the movie were Earl Bassett is in the truck sleeping and Keven get up on the truck and movies it up and down and then he says stand peed Earl get out of the way get out of the way and then Earl gets scared and when in the game he cant do that but he does go and fix the fence and and then Keven does clime and get old fred because he died and when the monsters on the game the monsters he is in a truck and when the graboid get him there is no way out because the monster in strong and when the game starts you go and find one weapon  and then you use that and then you can upgrade it


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