home alone

home alone is a good and funny movie because it is about 2 people that try to brake into Kevin’s house and then he puts thing all over to try to stop the people that try to brake in because they are trying to still every thing because they are bad people and when they try to still things Kevin makes traps and then it is funny when they get hurt and it is funny when Kevin takes a gun and shoots them and it is not a real one or a pelt gun but i like it when Kevin shoot one of the guys in the face and that is the part i like about home alone have u guys seen home alone 2  it is funny when Kevin puts nails no the steps and the person that always get hurt he is the funny one that gets hurt all the time he gets hurt all the time i like it when Kevin throws bricks at him and then he get hurt and he has a big mark on his face and when the brick hits him he passes out in till the other person wakes him up and that is the end


dead island Christmas

it is a game that is a zombie game but when it is Christmas everything is put up as Christmas even the zombies have Christmas shirts and all of that but when the zombies come u can see them because they have a bright light on them so when you kill them they will go boom boom but when they come behind u they scare you really bad i got scared the first time i played because they come up really quiet and when they are in front you can see them and then when you kill them the lights will not work because they are dead and that is it and when the zombies come up to your team mates they kill them really really fast because there are lots of people on your team. and when you go in the truck some of the people come into the truck they can come up and then when u get in the truck there are Christmas stuff on it and that is it

call of duty

when i get home today i am going to get on my play station and i am going to play call of duty and i am going to try to beat my school that is 36 and i cant because it is to hard and when me and my uncle played call of duty up at his house we got on level 30 because it is fun when me and my uncle play it because we get higher and all of that and then when we die we will have to give it to the other kids like my brother and jerret and then they will die on the level 20 because my brother like to mess around and then it will be me and my uncles turn and then we got on level 40 and then we had to go home and i play it because i am trying to pass my level on sea town and when you get on level 30 it gets hard to do and then it gets easy to die because you run out of ammo because the people are hard to kill and when i die i will try it over and over in till i pass the level and then i passed it to level 38 i think and that is all for today


sometimes me and caden will play racing games on his ps4 and it is fun because you can make people wreck and make them go out of control and when me and caden put it on 2 player he made me wreck and then he won and i came in 2 place because he made me wreck on the last lap right beside the finish line and it sucked because he cheated at it because he made me wreck and all of that and it was not fun and after that me and caden when’t and played basketball and then we when’t back in and played racing again and i won because he did not cheat at it and then when me and him were done we will go and play something else but when it was dark his mom let us stay up and we raced again and i lost because he cheated and it was not funny  because he did a cheat and got the fastest car on there and he won because he got the fast car and then when he got the car he gets a lot of points and all of that and that is when he won and i lost because he cheated

the reason we need to have a 4 week of school

so we need a 4 day week because Friday should be a part of a weekend because why not. people would like it because it should be a weekend so people can have more time with here mom or dad because you need to have time to be with them because they wont be around much longer. but if there was a 4 day week of school i think that it is good because think about it 5 weeks of school i think that it should be a 4 week of school because you can stay with people on Fridays because you need to play with you friends and stay the night with your uncle you like it if you had 4 day week because you can spent time with your families because you would like to have fun and have time to stay with your friend, uncle, and friends. but when you don’t get a 4 and u get a 5 days of a week you don’t get to spent enytime because you get 2 days of weekends. but it would be fun having a 3 day weekend because you can stay with your uncles and friends and all of them thing because you can do what ever you what to on the weekend and not go to school but i would enjoy on the weekend you can have time to go deer hunting and all of that on the weekend.

modern warfare 3

the thing i chose this game is because me and my friend play the game a lot he will come down and we will play on survival on dome because that is the only place he like to go is because it is easy for him but it is easy no matter what because it is on a easy level that is why he wants to play every time he comes down.  and it is fun playing with him but when his brother comes down i don’t  like it he tells every time to see if he can play like when he comes down he will tell on us is we are on a level because he is a tattle teller it is every time he comes down and i like it when jerret and his brothers name is stephen and he is mean because he trys  to tell but i stop him from telling on us but then i will tell my mom that he did not die. but when jerret comes down he comes down as fast as he can because he whats to come down before his brother does so he can play it before his brother does and jerret comes down every time before his brother does.


i what a dirt bike because then me and my grandma can go riding and it would be fun because then me and my grandma can go fast and then i will try to do tricks and all f everything that i can do. but if i get one mom will be wired because i like doing thing crazy like whiles and if i do thing like go really fast or i get polled over i will get it token away but if do what i am told i wont get it token away but sometimes i will ask my mom if i can go to my uncles to spent some time with him but i really what a dirt bike because i been waiting one for a long time i have been saving money but i still don’t got enough but if i get one i am going to be safe and all of that so i don’t get hurt and not to try to get killed so if i do get one i am going to go riding with my grandma and it will be really fun because we go really really far one time me grandma and grandpa went really far we almost go lost so i what a dirt bike for Christmas.